Special Response Task Force

The Lafayette Township Fire Department is committed to providing excellent service to our residents and continual enhancement of our services.

In our commitment to ongoing enhanced level of service, we are asking for your assistance. Long driveways, low tree branches, steep driveways and other unique situations can sometimes make it difficult to get emergency equipment to an emergency when minutes matter. The length and width of a driveway or access road can be critical when responding to a medical emergency or fire due to the amount of hose, vehicles, and vehicle positioning that may be required.

Please help our department provide the most rapid response possible if you have an emergency. If you have a driveway longer than 750 feet, a structure more than 750 feet from the road, steep hills, sharp turns or any steep drop-offs in the area an emergency vehicle would need to access, or restricted access due trees or any additional obstacles – we would like to know about it in order to assess your situation and respond with the most appropriate equipment if the need should arise.

Please provide us with the information below to have a representative contact you in regards to your concern.

For additional information, please visit the link to the Lafayette Township Zoning Resolution.


Thank you for your attention in ensuring our personnel are able to deliver our excellent quality of service in a safe and efficient manner.